Cameroon : CRM's Mamadou Mota Regains Freedom

Cameroon : CRM's Mamadou Mota Regains Freedom

The first Vice President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM, Mamadou Mota has seen his 20 months jail term over after he was released from the  Kondengui Central Prison ,Yaounde, in the early hours of Friday, January 05 2021.

He was warmly received by his lawyers, activists and sympathizers of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement. On his way back home,  Mamadou Mota made a stopover at the Santa Barbara District in Yaounde to meet party leader, Prof. Maurice Kamto.

After welcoming his host, Professor Maurice Kamto  expressed joy and great satisfaction toward his comrade’s release

It is a joy that we cannot hide. Even though this joy leaves us with a feeling of bitterness because he is released from prison, leaving behind him many other comrades and political friends of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement. But, he is there, and I think we have reason to be happy about it, ” Prof. Maurice Kamto said.

Mamadou Mota was arrested on June 2019  for organising an unauthorised march to claim the victory of  Maurice Kamto during the October 2018 Presidential election.

After a mutiny broke  at the Kondengui Central prison in July 22, 2019,  Mamadou Mato was found guilty of group rebellion, theft, group destruction, escape attempts and injuries inflicted on detainees. He was therefore sentenced to a two-year jail term by the Yaounde Court of first instance.

However,  his sentence was later reduced  to 18 months on October 29  by the Yaounde Court of Appeal after he was found not guilty of four charges, excluding, group rebellion.


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