Cameroon Customs Clutches 182 bags of rice en route to Nigeria

Cameroon Customs Clutches 182 bags of rice en route to Nigeria

A shipment comprised of 182 bags of rice fated for Nigeria has been apprehended by Cameroonian customs at the Djalingo locality in the North region of the country.

This act of the Cameroonian custom that took place on October 8, is part of the fact-finding mission supervised by the General of Customs following a request of the Minister of Commerce.

The customs accounted that the seizure of the 182 bags of rice meant for Nigeria was carried out as part of the struggle against the fraudulent exportation of and re-export of local rice intended for the local market to Nigeria, as reported by ‘investir au Cameroun’.

According to officials of the customs, a considerable portion of the production of the company for the expansion and modernization of rice cultivation of Yagoua, SEMRY, is generally drained off by Nigeria. Thus, this is because of the additional taxes imposed on the importation of rice to Nigeria in recent years.

“In view of the dynamism of local production, there is reason to suspect that this additional rice import is re-exported to neighbouring countries, in particular Nigeria, due to the importance of its domestic market,” revealed the National Institute for Statistics, as quoted by ‘investir au Cameroun’.

This is equally done with a view to promoting the local production of rice in Cameroon where the production of rice was at a very low level as of 2008 to 2016, but often served as a transit territory for imported rice destined for Nigeria.

Going by the institute, the quantities of imported rice in Cameroon rose from 561,112 tonnes in 2018 to 894,486 tonnes in 2019, thus registering an increase of 59.4 percent respectively.

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